Our Story

Our story began in 2020 when a couple of friends decided to build and launch a mobile app to help 12-year-old Sofia start her cupcakes business while keeping her personal information safe online.

Then, just three months later Covid hit. We quickly pivoted, using the mobile app to feed tens of thousands of families and unsheltered with fresh, surplus food from large chains such as Costco, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Olive Garden…but we realized the problem is much bigger. An estimated $94 billion dollars in surplus food ends up in landfills each year because there is no easy way to connect who has the food with who needs it.

Fast forward to today, EETZ Rescue is connecting tens of thousands of pounds of surplus food to community organizations that feed the homeless and families in need. You can now easily post or claim fresh, surplus food nearby. Download the app today and join us in solving our nation’s hunger problem!

Our Team

Maria Stenson
Founder and Chief Evangelist

Maria cut her teeth in sales and marketing at L’Oreal where David Greenberg told her ‘you are un-stoppable”

Sofia Stenson
CiO-Chief Inspirational Officer

Don’t let that small ‘i’ in CiO fool you, what Sofia lacks in age and experience is made up by her passion to bake and serve – the community!

Juan Ovalle
Founder and CTO

Software Engineering Leader with a head for coding and a heart for social issues, 12+ years building high-performing teams & innovative products. Proven leader with experience in both startups & multinationals

Candy Espaillat

Candy brings her extensive experience in CX design and implementation of the latest mobile app features and social media strategies to EETZ.

David Stenson
Founder and CEO

Founder who holds multi roles and responsibilities and that talks to the immense opportunity for EETZ to continue to expand and solve the surplus food problem.

Scot Harris
Business Staff

Scot is a seasoned business executive with general business responsibility for marketing, sales, and pro forma financials.

Jafet Benitez
Code and Design Lead 

Jafet is our ‘Rock’ and primary developer since we began this journey he loves to code and we love him for his simple no nonsense get it.

Cayley Harris
Community Growth and Project Administrator

Cayley has a crucial role in both expanding the EETZ community and ensuring the smooth execution of its projects.

Our Believers

Tino and Lissette Rocha

Tino and Lissette have been involved since the beginning, feeding the homeless, supporting food rescues and also investing.

Ron and Beth Hall
Sponsors and Chief Enthusiasts

Ron and Beth are passionate about feeding the homeless and are excited about what EETZ is doing in Dallas/Fort Worth communities. 

Chris & Nicole Gulati

Chris and Nicole said to us when they decided to invest…”Nicole and I are investing because we ‘hate’ food waste…and EETZ is doing.

Gaby and Benji Garcia

Over the last 10+ years Gaby and Benji have been working with cutting-edge technologies at some of the largest technology companies on the planet.

Our Advisors

Steve Allen
Advisory Board

Steve spent the first 17 years of his adult life in the ministry, serving churches in San Antonio, Georgia and in the Dallas-Fort Worth.

Sandy Riestra
Advisory Board

Sandy’s passion and calling is to provide for the homeless. She and her small army of volunteers has fed clothed housed and hugged.

Scot MacRae
Advisory Board

Scot is a Food Rescue Champion! He turns food rescues from Costco, Trader Joe’s, and other large stores into thousands of meals .